I would love to hear from you 🙂

You can keep touch with me through this blog, or through email at schwendy[at] Internet access will be sporadic – probably about once a month. I will update this blog as often as I can, and may occasionally have my family update it for me if I go a long time without internet.

Additionally, I love to get mail! I will be able to send/receive mail about once every month and if you write me, I’ll write you back 🙂

Here’s my address:

Jessica Schwendeman, PCV
Corps de la Paix
B.P. 144
Dosso, Niger
West Africa

You can send me a letter, pictures, magazines, CDs, life-sized cardboard cutouts of George Clooney, just about anything.

If you want to send me a care package….USPS has a flat-rate box that can be sent to Niger and will take about 2 weeks, and it’s a flat rate for everything you can fit in the box. Please make sure to take care in packaging, especially things that might leak or melt. I will reuse ziplock baggies, so use those to package items – basically anything that has any kind of liquid in it (or anything that might melt into liquid) should be bagged. If you send anything remotely valuable, wrap it up very well and put it in a different box, occasionally mail theft is a problem here.

Care package ideas:
Chicken and chunk light tuna packets in all flavors
Nutrition/protein/Luna bars
Chocolate of any kind (yes, it will melt, and yes, I will eat it anyway)
Candy: Jolly Ranchers, Starbursts, etc
Gravy packets, sauce packets, spices, flavored noodle things (like the Knorr alfredo packets and such)
Dried fruit
Magazines (People, Glamour, anything) or even a section of the newspaper
Nail clippers
CDs and DVDs (absolutely literally anything of any genre…)
Puzzle books (I love Suduku, word searches, and those “Variety Puzzles & Games” books)
Books you think I might like
Stuff for the kids: Art supplies, very simple children’s books, maps of America, decks of cards, little dollar-store toys and trinkets, happy meal toys, simple games, etc etc etc, they will love it.

I will love and enjoy anything you send!


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  1. Mark Line
    Jul 30, 2010 @ 17:27:50


    Nicole sent me your postings and read each of them. I am thrilled for you and so glad that your start has been good. (Execpt for the Malaria shot) The think that you sxpressed it best in this paragraph: Anywhere I go mass quantities of children run behind me and beg to carry my things for me and ask how I am over and over. They ALL know who I am and call out my name when they see me coming. They love when I sing American songs and teach them easy dances and games (we played Duck Duck Goose and Simon Says last night, plus I taught about 20 kids the Macarena and YMCA) and it’s so funny how they are endlessly fascinated by this strange white woman that’s come to live here.

    You are doing wonderfully with the use of games and music for the children. You will make your mark.

    Let me know when the language finally clicks in. There will be a day when all of a sudden you understand what you hear and can speak in sentenses. Plus the use of French should serve you well. Language is your best vihicle to gaining the peoples trust.

    You are missed at the History Center but your letters will keep you close.

    We sent your web site to a friend who served in Niger around 2005 to 2007. Her name is Anne Parsons in case there is anyone there who would remember her. Perhaps she will reach out after reading your letters.

    Our best wishes,
    Mark and Janet Line


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