Scenes from Ville: Introduction

I’ve gone back to my village now, but while in Niamey last week I had some time on my hands and access to the internet, so I thought I’d give you a taste of what my life has been like while in my village, and set up some posts to appear here on a timer at intervals.

Though I won’t have internet again until late October or perhaps November (but anything goes in this country, as I’ve already seen numerous times), new content (that I wrote over October 11 – 12) will post on its own at around this time on October 18, October 20, and October 22.

The first three months after Swear-In, after all volunteers move to their villages, are not really for projects. In fact, we are discouraged from starting anything major during that time and aren’t even able to receive funding until after IST (In Service Training) in January. So, when you ask me what I’m working on, the answer is integration and cultural exchange.

I’ll be moving into my house, working on my Zarma, meeting people, walking around, sitting in on classes, hanging out at people’s concessions, going to the market, picking beans in the fields, going to the well, holding babies etc etc etc. Africa is balls-out amazing, if you’ll pardon the expression, and every day here is an adventure full of new experiences from the moment I wake up (hearing the 4:30am call to prayer, or perhaps my neighbor’s donkeys) to the moment I hit the pillow underneath my mosquito net, totally exhausted – and I want to share it with you.

Check back on Monday for the first automatic update of stories of my life “en ville”.


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